Matthew SchlappMatthew A. Schlapp

Matt Schlapp has nearly twenty years of government, corporate and political experience which led him to join his wife in founding Cove Strategies, a legislative, communications and political consulting firm.

Schlapp’s executive branch experience started in President George W. Bush’s first administration where he became a deputy assistant to the president, and his political director. During his tenure at the White House, Schlapp advised the President, the Vice President, members of the cabinet, senior White House staff and has extensive contact with Members of Congress and federal agencies.

Schlapp’s Capital Hill experience started in 1994 where he worked for 5 years as a press secretary, chief of staff and campaign manager. He transitioned from the Hill to the presidential election in 2000 in Austin, where he served as a regional political director.

After the 2004 cycle, Schlapp joined Koch Industries, headquartered in his hometown of Wichita, Kansas, as Vice President of Federal Affairs at Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC. In this role he directed the major federal public policy strategies on environmental and energy policies, financial markets, legal reform, and international and domestic tax issues.

Matt grew up in Wichita, Kansas. He earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Notre Dame and a master’s degree in public policy from Wichita State University. Matt’s held a board position for the National Association of Manufacturers and currently serves on the boards for the American Conservative Union, St. John Vianney Theological Seminary in Denver, Hugo Wall School of Urban and Public Administration at Wichita State University, and the University of Kansas Washington Intern Program and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s political affairs committee. Matt and his wife, Mercy, met while working at the White House, where she served as the Director of Specialty Media. Matt and Mercy have five young daughters.

Mercedes SchlappMercedes Viana Schlapp

Mercedes Viana Schlapp is co-founder of Cove Strategies, a governmental and public affairs firm based in Alexandria, Virginia.  She works as a consultant for clients from Fortune 500 corporations and nonprofit organizations.  Mercedes serves as the interface between the clients and Spanish-language media outlets, develops media strategy including message development and implementation plans and works on Hispanic coalition-building efforts.  She identifies the most effective ways to reach targeted audiences nationally and/or locally.
With more than 10 years of experience, Mercedes has developed strong regional, national and international relationships with reporters in the Spanish press. Mercedes served in the White House for President George W. Bush as a spokesperson for Spanish-language media outlets in the United States, Spain and Latin America as well as worked with other specialty media outlets including religious press.  
In 2006 Mercedes hosted the Republican National Committee’s cutting-edge web show, In the Know, where she delivered current Republican news and interviewed Republican political leaders and policy makers for both Spanish and English audiences.  In addition, Mercedes serves as a media surrogate and political commentator on the radio and recently appeared on Univision and Hannity’s America on FOX News.

Mercedes SchlappStephen Replogle

Stephen Replogle is a Principal with Cove Strategies with extensive political, legislative, and coalition experience while serving in the executive branch, the United States Congress, in campaigns and advising fortune 500 companies.
Most recently, Mr. Replogle served as a senior federal relations advocate for Walmart.  He directed and advised successful legislative campaigns in policy areas including labor, immigration, education, financial services, energy, tax and trade.  These successes were based on the detailed development and precise implementation of targeted congressional and agency legislative and public policy strategy, strategic messaging, and coalition building. 

In public service, Mr. Replogle worked in the United States Senate as Senior Policy Advisor to three currently serving members of Senate Leadership, Senators Jon Kyl, Lamar Alexander and John Thune.  In these positions, he advised the Conference Chairman, as well as members of the Republican Conference, on issues relating to fiscal, social, and international policy matters.  Also during his Senate tenure, he served as the primary liaison for the Senate Republican Conference to House Leadership, the White House, other Departments and outside industry interests.

Prior to the Senate, Mr. Replogle served as Legislative Advisor and Director of Intergovernmental Affairs for the U.S. Department of Commerce.  Key policy responsibilities ranged from technology, intellectual property, economic development, international trade as well as serving as the primary liaison for the Secretary of Commerce to all governors and local elected officials.  Mr. Replogle also served as a coalitions advisor to the Bush/Cheney 2004 Presidential campaign and as staff on the 2004 Presidential Inaugural Committee.

Additionally, over the past 10 years, Mr. Replogle advised fortune 500 clients on public affairs strategies as an Associate for DCI Group, as a Political Advisor for the Georgia Republican party, and as an intern in the White House Office of Political Affairs. In 2011, Washingtonian named Stephen Replogle on of the Top Forty Lobbyists under Forty.

Frank F. Sadler

Frank Sadler has worked both in the private and public sectors for almost a decade. Most recently, Frank was engaged as a strategic advisor for a 501(C)4 organization. As a strategic advisor, Frank made decisions on how to best utilize and allocate the organization's national budget to better educate voters through a variety of media including direct mail, and radio and television advertisements. He also created metrics to measure the impact of those efforts and has been in charge of constructing an implementing voter turn-out projects. Frank has also worked as a senior development associate at Koch Industries, both fundraising for and providing strategic guidance at non-profits aligned with free market ideals. Prior to Koch, Frank worked for United States Senator George Allen in a multitude of roles to eventually become his deputy national finance director. Frank is a graduate of Hamilton College in upstate New York and is getting his masters degree in economics from American University.